Last minute Mother’s Day gifts

If you’ve left it a little too long (a little? It’s the day before you idiot?!) to get your dear old mum a present for this Sunday then look no further, I have the ideal gifts certain to put a smile on anyone’s face – particular Mother Dear’s – BUBBLES!

First off, everyone’s favourite kind of bubble – the ones in Champagne.

Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut Rosé  (£30 available at is lovely as an accompaniment to, say, an Afternoon Tea, which is exactly what I have planned with my lovely mamma (shh, don’t tell her!)

Authentic Rosé Packshot

 Whether you’re holding a leisurely lunch, indulging in afternoon tea like us, or you simply want to give the gift of luxury, add some sparkle to mum’s special day with these two suggestions from Champagne Canard-Duchêne.


Crisp, refreshing and light, the champagne is perfect to add a bit of colour to the table and as a fun alternative to the usual brands.


And as delicate fruity notes such as raspberry and strawberry are quite evident in the glass, it’s perfect to accompany a cream tea scone, mmmm.


And, why not finish the day with bubbles too




LUSH (I know I go on about them but I’m obsessed!) have some great bubble bars, soaps and amazing bubble bars, specially for mum. I’m a big fan of the tulip bubble wands, this time with added wildflower seeds embedded in the label (I’m still waiting for mine to grow!)


Tulip bubble bar

Tulip bubble bar

I also discovered the inhale/exhale bath bomb which, looks a little different from the glitter-packed bombs I’m used to but is a bit more fun as each side fizzles away at a different speed to the other.

AND it has a lovely surprise, a sweet little message floating around the bath before mum steps in. So cute.









Happy Mother’s Day x

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I believe you should always show you mum how much you appreciate her but today is Mother’s Day, so an extra special effort must be made.

My mum has taught me a lot. Amongst the many nuggets of gold is how the kitchen is more than a room that comes with the house, that a sense of humour will see you through life, and that a bottle of wine should never be left full 😉


In all seriousness, my mum is a superwoman. H has held together this family in times of grief and depression (whilst battling the dreaded D word herself) and has shown me that with determination, anything is possible. This is the woman who dreams big, works every hour God sends and is always there at the end of the day to share a cup of tea/glass of wine/bucket of gin with. Nothing phases her and from her strength I have become a great believer in myself.

Happy Mother’s Day mumma H