Absence makes the heart grow fonder….right?

I know, I know…..I’ve been gone a while.


But it’s not without good reason. 

Since my last post over a month ago I have been somewhat incapacitated, had to take a few weeks off works and generally not been feeling my best – due to a somewhat unfortunate incident with exploding porridge that left me looking like this….



And they’re the bandages after a week or so!

There are a load more gruesome pictures should you wish to see them but I shan’t be putting them on here incase the majority of you are of a delicate disposition. 

Anyway….back to business. I am somewhat behind on my reviews but no worry, I have a couple of days off to catch up and write my much belated posts on Lush and The Hanging Lantern Company so keep your eyes peeled (don’t know why I said that – hate that phrase??)


A bientôt!


Promise I won’t leave it as long next time x