REVIEW: Rocks Drinks Frusion range

Throughout January, I, along with most of the nation, decided to cut back on the amount of alcohol I was consuming. 

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities, now was the time to give the body a little bit of a chance of rebuilding itself, time to cut out the sugar and fat and try to garner some sort of self control. 

I was never going to embark upon a ‘dryathon’ – tell me I can’t have something and I want it even more (right girls) so I just decided that rather than go straight for a G&T or a bottle of wine I would try and stock the chiller with something a little more exciting that cordial (lots of hidden sugar) or water (no one likes to sit down and watch a film with a water). 

So it was that I came across these little beauts, very kindly offered to me but my friends at Rocks drinks who have been making  delicious squashes and cordials for over 30 years.

FIrst off, they come in bottles that, let’s face it, are the same as wine bottles so that’s the first step to tricking my brain into thinking we’re having a nice glass of vino (I’m beginning to sound like I have a problem, no?) and have rather attractive labels that wouldn’t be amiss in a countryside deli.


I was gifted four flavours; Tomato and Cherry Frusion, Apple and Ginger Frusion, Beetroot and Blackcurrant Frusion and Carrot and Orange Frusion.

All of the drinks are best served chilled and need a bit of a shake to make sure there’s no sediment at the bottom of the bottle after storage which can occur with these as they’re made with organic fruit and veg.

All four flavours were particularly tasty. Admittedly when I heard the combinations I was a little dubious – especially the tomato and cherry version – as they were not tastes I would normally associate with each other as, apart from in juice cleanses, I hadn’t heard them put together in a soft drink form before. 

But I was pleasantly surprised. Image

They were all refreshing, full of flavour and not as watery as I was expecting them to be. The Ginger and Apple had a great kick to it, the Tomato and Cherry was full bodied, the Beetroot and Blackcurrant was deliciously sweet and the Orange and Carrot (my favourite) was akin to having a cocktail without the alcohol. 

Overall I’d certainly recommend stocking up on these juice drinks if you’re looking for something different. They’re a little pricey at £3.49 each but if you go here, there’s currently 30% off them – in fact I’m off to get some more now!