REVIEW: B Precise Gel Eyeliner

Afternoon all –  nice and full from over-indulgence from the festive period?

Now, as we all try and squeeze ourselves into our party frocks for the biggest night of the year tomorrow night, I’d like to draw (scuse the pun) your attention to this little beauty….the B. Precise Gel Eyeliner from Superdrug.


For a long time now I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a gel eyeliner and have been given lots of recommendations by friends. However the decision was made for me when this little baby landed on my desk thanks to my wonderful friends at Superdrug.

I was sent the black colour and in the box is a little pot of gel with its very own brush. 

Usually I have used a liquid eyeliner to draw on my little cat-eye flicks but had grown tired of the constant smudging in my usual brand but on first use of the gel eyeliner I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use as opposed to the liquid one that takes a few attempt to get right – a wonderful thing when you’re in a rush to get ready!


A little goes a long way with this particular brand and the pigment is strong so there is no reason to go over the liner unless you you like some really thick lines that is!

I would also recommend wiping down the brush after each use as it does clog a little if you don’t and though it is perfectly fine to use for the time being, I’m looking at buying a more finer brush to get a less thicker line that this brush provides. 


REVIEW: Chocolat Lovers

Some words just go together.

Fish and Chips, Morecambe and Wise and, most importantly, Christmas and Chocolate.

It’s that time of year once again where it is perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea (or dinner if you’re posh!) and during the festive season it is simply a given to replace your regular five a day with five treats from a box of Celebrations.

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful box of choccy delights from the ultimate on-line chocolate boutique, Chocolat Lovers, recently and given the fact I’m usually happily settled in the savoury camp when it comes to snacking, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed devouring the contents of the little black box.


Inside I found three bars: A Dark Chocolate Amsterdam Liquorice and Hemp Bar (£3.50), a Sea Salt & Caramel Bar (£3.50) and a Lemon & Poppy Seeds Creamy White Bar (£2.29)

The first came in a cardboard box, designed to look like an old postcard from Amsterdam and on opening it up was met with a lovely looking dark chocolate bar decorated with butterflies.


Usually preferring the Dark Side to the usual milk or white chocolate I was eager to try this bar but when I did was a little disappointed in the flavour that was promised.


The immediate reaction was “well this just tastes like a really nice dark chocolate but I can’t taste either liquorice or hemp” but when the chocolate was long gone from my mouth a slight liquorice-y after taste lingered.

Though I’m not a fan of that particular flavour usually it was quite a nice surprise. Not sure I’d buy this bar myself but it would be a nice gift.

Onto the Sea Salt & Caramel Bar.


This was my absolute favourite of the three. The decorative use of the caramel and sea salt on the milk chocolate bar was showcased in a cellophane wrapper and on tasting I found that the chunky pieces lent themselves to creating a gloriously crunchy chocolate bar.


Perhaps my preference of savoury snacks over sweet made me like this more than the others but the fact that I found it really hard to put down and that is disappeared in very little time speaks for itself. Would buy this one again in a heartbeat.

Finally the  Lemon & Poppy Seeds Creamy White Bar. Although an unusual pairing of poppy seeds in a chocolate bar I was curious to dig into this particular bar. So curious, in fact, that this was the first one I opened even though it was at the bottom of the box.

The creamy white chocolate was interspersed with the tiny black poppy seeds and popping it into my mouth on a cold Winter’s evening transported me back to the heady Summer warmth. The lemon flavour was not overpowering and the poppy seeds gave it an added bite. I could imagine eating this in the garden with a cold, crisp, white wine or a small tot of Limoncello it was so refreshing and a real eye-opener to what other chocolate flavour possibilities are on the market.


Having tried and tested just this small sample of what Chocolat Lovers have to offer I’m sure I’ll be paying a visit to their website very soon.

Chocolat Lovers have some great Christmas gifts if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift from Chocolate canvases, cars, teddies and trains that double up at tree decorations, as well as brilliant chocolate hampers.

REVIEW: Cloud Nails, Manchester Airport

Preparing for a holiday is half of the fun for me; even packing adds to the excitement (so I love a list, who doesn’t’?)

Yet on a recent girlie trip to Prague for a dear friend’s birthday, I just couldn’t seem to get into the swing of things – my outfits were all chosen last minute, my hair hadn’t been cut the week before in my usual pre-holiday fashion and my manicure was chipped. Perhaps it was because we were only going for a weekend, or maybe it was down to the fact we were going in early October and I’m only used to jetting off in Summer, I just don’t know but prepared I was not.

So when the birthday girl and I were invited to have some pre-flight pampering at the new Cloud Nail bar at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1, it appeared the holiday angels had been listening.


With no bags to check in and online boarding passes printed out we headed through to security. It’s not uncommon for me to be stopped to be patted down (something about my face?) but this time a full on search was undertaken by the lady on the desk. And with a group of eight girls, this was no mean feat.

IMG_3078Not to worry, we were through and B.G and I took our places at the nail bar while the other took their places in the actual bar. Due to the quick turnover of passengers, appointments aren’t necessarily made at the bar but with the lighting-fast manicure talents of the salon girls, there is little time to wait.

B.G and I opted for something similar for our manicures – O.P.I navy gel polish with sparkly gel overlay, fabulous.

Taking the time out for a little pampering ahead of your flight is something to be enjoyed. Having never had the experience before I can certainly say the next time I’m in T1 ior T2 I shall be taking the time out for myself.


The ‘Express’ menu of treatments means even the most ‘time pushed’ traveller can enjoy a flawless set of nails from only £15 and the ladies mentioned that most of their customers are amazed to learn that they can treat themselves to an O.P.I. 3 Week Gel manicure which is chip resistant, super glossy and instantly dry in only 15 minutes with no risk of knocks or smudges.


Ideal for the weekend city-breakers like us or the two week beach dwellers.

Due to the friendliness of the girls, B.G, myself and the rest of the ladies almost missed our boarding call which resulted in a Home Alone-style sprint to the gate.

But while our faces may have been flushed, our manicures were flawless.

Even better, they stayed that way until my Birthday a couple of weeks later – bonus!!

IMG_3091 IMG_3086

For more information on Cloud Nails visit here

REVIEW: Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

If you ask me, Mondays are perfect for Champagne.

The weekend is over, you’re back at work and, in my case anyway, the Birthday celebrations are long gone.


So when a bottle of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s classic Brut non-vintage appeared on my desk as a late Birthday present there was only one way to see out my yearly milestone in style  – with a glass or two and a game of rugby league!

That’s not to say I was stood on a try line or shivering my bits off in a stand watching my favourite team, more like reviewing the weekend in front of the box while the family came round to watch the latest leg of the Rugby League World Cup.

Usually the fam will be sat with a bottle of beer, glass of wine or just a plain ole’ pop but as I bought in the glasses of Champers the night felt like a whole other occasion – perfect!

And as Nicolas Feuillatte are releasing their Brut Non-Vintage and Vintage 2002  for the festive season there was little else to set us up for Crimbo, even if we were a few months early!

The resounding review was thus; the Brut Non-Vintage smells sweeter than what you’d expect from a Champagne but d


oesn’t taste as sweet as it smells – that make sense? Usually Champagnes (p.s they’re only allowed to be called Champagnes if they hail from that particular region in France FYI – if you haven’t been to visit the Champagne houses I can thoroughly recommend it!) can be quite on the dry side but this sample was just on the right side of sweet.

It was also not as sharp as other Champagnes, somewhat  smoother and less bitter and, thank heavens, it wasn’t very gassy, the bubbles just subtly playing around in the flutes, and there was a delightful  tangy aftertaste.

So what are you waiting for?!! Cheers!


Brut Non-vintage – Available at Tesco’s, John Lewis and online at John
RRP : £26

REVIEW: The Watch Hut, Casio Watch

Having signed up to blogger’s network, etail PR some time ago I have been waiting for a campaign to come up that I would qualify for, and recently it happened!
I was sent a Casio watch from The Watch Hut via a campaign the network was running and though I had no idea what kind of watch was going to be delivered I was excited enough because Mr Mc RAVES about his – he was so distraught about his last one going missing that it took a few years until he could come to terms with replacing it!


Super-speedy delivery later and within a week I had my hands on this little number which came in it’s own little plastic display box.
Being somewhat of a traditionalist I have only ever bought or been given analogue watches so when I tried to set up the digital watch I was a little baffled.
A quick glance in the instruction booklet that came with the timepiece and I was away, setting the date, time, alarms and using the stopwatch.
Casio are known for their watches and this one didn’t disappoint.
The display is clear, the red colour around the face makes it stand out a little more than a bog standard, all-silver piece and as it is so light you hardly feel like you’re wearing it at all. As a journalist my days at work are spent typing and some larger watches can bang on the desk or generally get in the way but not this baby 🙂
It also helps that the the steel  strap is adjustable however I did have to enlist the help of Mr Mc to show me how to adjust it (FYI  – pop the clip open and slide it down until you are happy, who knew??)
This Casio is available online at The Watch Hut for £24.75

Pretty Deadly For Halloween at Superdrug

If you’re looking for some last minute beauty bargains to transform your look in time for trick or treating tonight, head down to Superdrug to get your hands on these frighteningly fabulous pieces.

First up: Exclusive to Superdrug the 2True Paper Lashes.£6

Perk up your peepers with these delicate and different falsies, guaranteed to ensure goodies drop into your trick or treat bag with one bat 😉


Next: B.Sheer Colour Conditioning Lipstick Tango £6.99



Frame your fangs in style with this blood red lipstick.

Finally: Superdrug Colour Hairspray 75ml £2.99

Take your pick of the spectrum with these spray-in, wash out hair colours, certain to give you a hair-raising experience. 



Happy Halloween!


REVIEW: Tints of Nature Structure Treatment

Whenever a new ‘wonder treatment’ becomes available I’m always slightly dubious as to how well these miracle fixers perform.

I’ve been sucked in to trying numerous products on occasion and rarely have I been thrilled at the results.

So, when the new Tints of Nature Structure Treatment landed on my desk I was expecting the same but oh, there’s always going to be an exception to the rule isn’t there?


I decided to keep the treatment to one side until I had a decent cut and colour on my barnet to put it to the test afresh. As it promises to ” to give strength and suppleness to damaged hair, to renew shine and to reduce fade on coloured hair” I figured it only be fair to test it on newly coloured hair to see if the reducing fade claim was true.

So, tresses up to scratch, I powered on.

Following the instructions to spray generous amounts onto clean towel dried hair, massage thoroughly to produce lather and leave for 15 minutes, I was also pleasantly surprised as the sweet, non-chemical smell, (smelled good enough to eat – but don’t!).

Allowing myself to use the product for one month to see if there was any truth in the claims I have to say that what they’re saying is true. I’m one of the “lucky” people who have fine hair but lots of and occasionally it can lack substance. But after four weeks of using the product every week I have noticed a definite addition of “oomph” and my colour is still going strong despite being a semi-permanent affair. And, bonus, my hair is noticeably shinier – Fab!

So it appears my curse has been broken, this little baby is here to stay 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

“It is the powerful combination of natural quinoa and organic extracts in Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment that restores even extremely damaged hair providing strength, protection and volume.  Organic comfrey extract is included to condition hair and chamomile flower extract soothes and lends to its conditioning powers.
Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment is made by salon professionals, who are expert in formulating products that are kinder and healthier for the hair, so it is pH balanced to give ultimate performance on coloured hair. 
All Tints of Nature hair colour and hair care ranges are made in the heart of the New Forest using natural and organic ingredients, because they are naturally kinder to hair while offering high performance results, and without the use of harsh chemicals.

The structure treatment can be used once a week to keep the hair in good condition between colouring. This is as well as using it for a pre-colouring treatment.

The rrp for Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment is £7.99 for 75ml

Tints of Nature is sold in over 40 countries around the world, and is available here from organic and health stores, selected department stores and independent pharmacies, or at   

Call: 01590 613490 for stockists