REVIEW: FAST Shampoo & Conditioner

Throughout my life I’ve been through my fair share of hair cuts.

Luckily, I’m comfortable enough with both super short and fairly long hair so deciding on what style to go for never usually is an issue.

At its shortest...

At its shortest…

At its longest...

At its longest…











But every girl always wants what they don’t have (admit it), so whenever I have all my hair chopped off, it is inevitable I want to glue it straight back on as soon as I have to style it myself because it “never looks as good as in the salon”.

I’m sure many of us have been duped into trying/buying some “miracle growth” product, be it shampoo, vitamin supplement or hair treatment, without the desired results.

Myself, well I’d just love to be just like the Brush n Grown My Little Pony I had when I was younger that only needed a quick shake of her head and her tail grew straight back  (remember? This one  (pretty sure mine was Curly Locks) – thanks for throwing out/donating my entire collection mother!)

So when the FAST Shampoo and Conditioner landed on my desk I thought, hey, why not give it a go? I’d recently had my hair cut into a fairly short bob and with a family wedding coming up a month or two later, my tresses could have done with a little help in growing long enough for an up do.

FAST shampoo and conditioner

FAST shampoo and conditioner


The bumph accompanying the two bottles said: “Made by Nisim International, Canada, FAST is a unique shampoo and conditioner that accelerates hair growth. As of May 2013 FAST has been permanently listed in 300 Flagship Boots Stores. The range is perfect for someone with slow-growing hair or for those who want to outgrow a bad haircut as quickly as possible. FAST is NOT for hairloss but can make hair grow up to 99% faster. Use FAST daily for 30 days to give you maximum length in minimum time.”

So use it for 30 days I did – washing my hair every other, or every two days, at least.

My hair grows relatively fast so I couldn’t really tell if the product helped or not but what it did do was thicken and improve the condition of my barnet which was a welcome improvement as I’m often told by my hairdresser that I have a lot of hair but it is quite thin so all I can guess is that the shampoo and conditioner thickened each strand – great!

All in all I liked this product, I didn’t love it though. One thing I did find was that unless I stood under the shower for about half an hour to rinse the conditioner out it left my hair quite greasy and with the feeling that I hadn’t properly washed the product out. This was a tad annoying but all in all I would recommend this product if you’re looking to add a little oomph to your hair.

Here’s the before and after pics, I’ll let you make your own mind up (sorry for the face! And the quality of the pics)

Before (scuse the paleness!)

Before (scuse the paleness!)

After....not much difference?

After….not much difference?




REVIEW: Lush Spa, Hard Day’s Night Treatment

Once in a while an experience – because that’s what the Hard Day’s Night treatment is, an experience – comes along that stops you in your tracks, knocks you down, and throws everything you every thought you knew about spa treatments out the window.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Liverpool’s Lush Spa to try their Hard Day’s Night treatment in the city where it was launched last year. Inspired by the music of The Beatles, the treatment is designed to relax your mind and body through a combination of firm massage and gentle passive stretches and, from what I had read, I was in for a treat.


The lovely Lush store, Liverpool

On my arrival at the store and after a quick shufty around a few of my fave Lush products I was met by my therapist and taken upstairs through a secret door to the spa which was unlike any other spa I had visited before. Instead of all clean lines, uplighting and minimalist decoration, I found myself in a country cottage kitchen area complete with solid wood workbench/table and comfy seats.

After a short consultation and a walk through about what was in store for me in the next 75 minutes  I was taken through to the treatment room where I was given my very own set of PJs.


PJ Time!

That’s right – pyjamas! No nudity here thank you very much, this was all about getting cosy, comfy and content and the lovely striped slumber wear had also been wrapped around a hot water bottle to make them all toasty – bonus!  PJs on, I snuggled down underneath the covers on the heated bed and rang my little bell so the therapist knew we were good to go. Loved this touch as too often when I’ve been to a spa I’ve been left lying there for a touch longer than I would have preferred.

During the sensory journey of music and stress-releasing massage, designed to leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted and ready for a new day, a series of passive stretches are performed to work out any knots and niggles. During the dry massage your limbs are gently stretched, bounced and manipulated in time to a dreamy soundtrack of cleverly reworked Beatles songs. Whatever worries you walked in with, this treatment will help you find your inner peace and just… let it be. (Badumtish!)

It was the little touches that really made this treatment for me. From the start when the music takes you to the docks, listening to the gentle swish of the sea and the seagulls overhead, to the hand massage as ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ (what else) began.

Another alternative moment that I had never experience in the past, was the use of ribbons tied to your ankles to make you feel like you were floating through weightlessness – a section inspired by the Cirque du Soleil ‘Love’ show which also uses Beatles music.

After the treatment I was left alone in the room for a short time to meditate and reflect on the experience. As the sound of a gently ticking clock played, you knew it was time to wake up refreshed at the sound of an alarm clock. No one likes that sound usually but I was more than happy to yawn, stretch and get out of ‘bed’ feeling more refreshed than I do when I have to get up to go to work!

Back in my normal attire I made my way back through to the kitchen where tea and Jammy Dodger biscuits sat waiting for me.

Tea and Biscuits

More tea vicar?

There are many other surprises throughout the treatment but I didn’t want to give you a step by step, paint by numbers because each individual will take certain aspects away with them for different reasons.

Given the Hard Day’s Night Treatment is priced at £85 it is a little pricier than usual treatments but that’s the thing, this treatment isn’t ‘usual’ – it is anything but, so the price tag is certainly worth it for a special treat.

And for everyone who has the treatment  is  a Golden Slumbers bath bomb to keep the feelings of peace, calm and relaxation lasting even longer.

I’m just planning when I can try something else because if that is just one of the treatments I can’t wait to experience the rest!

To find out more, or to book an appointment, telephone Lush Spa Liverpool on 0151 236 6952 or visit the Lush website here to book and to see a video on how the treatment was designed.  You can also purchase or take a listen to the music used in the treatment here

REVIEW: B Precise Gel Eyeliner

Afternoon all –  nice and full from over-indulgence from the festive period?

Now, as we all try and squeeze ourselves into our party frocks for the biggest night of the year tomorrow night, I’d like to draw (scuse the pun) your attention to this little beauty….the B. Precise Gel Eyeliner from Superdrug.


For a long time now I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a gel eyeliner and have been given lots of recommendations by friends. However the decision was made for me when this little baby landed on my desk thanks to my wonderful friends at Superdrug.

I was sent the black colour and in the box is a little pot of gel with its very own brush. 

Usually I have used a liquid eyeliner to draw on my little cat-eye flicks but had grown tired of the constant smudging in my usual brand but on first use of the gel eyeliner I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use as opposed to the liquid one that takes a few attempt to get right – a wonderful thing when you’re in a rush to get ready!


A little goes a long way with this particular brand and the pigment is strong so there is no reason to go over the liner unless you you like some really thick lines that is!

I would also recommend wiping down the brush after each use as it does clog a little if you don’t and though it is perfectly fine to use for the time being, I’m looking at buying a more finer brush to get a less thicker line that this brush provides. 

REVIEW: Cloud Nails, Manchester Airport

Preparing for a holiday is half of the fun for me; even packing adds to the excitement (so I love a list, who doesn’t’?)

Yet on a recent girlie trip to Prague for a dear friend’s birthday, I just couldn’t seem to get into the swing of things – my outfits were all chosen last minute, my hair hadn’t been cut the week before in my usual pre-holiday fashion and my manicure was chipped. Perhaps it was because we were only going for a weekend, or maybe it was down to the fact we were going in early October and I’m only used to jetting off in Summer, I just don’t know but prepared I was not.

So when the birthday girl and I were invited to have some pre-flight pampering at the new Cloud Nail bar at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1, it appeared the holiday angels had been listening.


With no bags to check in and online boarding passes printed out we headed through to security. It’s not uncommon for me to be stopped to be patted down (something about my face?) but this time a full on search was undertaken by the lady on the desk. And with a group of eight girls, this was no mean feat.

IMG_3078Not to worry, we were through and B.G and I took our places at the nail bar while the other took their places in the actual bar. Due to the quick turnover of passengers, appointments aren’t necessarily made at the bar but with the lighting-fast manicure talents of the salon girls, there is little time to wait.

B.G and I opted for something similar for our manicures – O.P.I navy gel polish with sparkly gel overlay, fabulous.

Taking the time out for a little pampering ahead of your flight is something to be enjoyed. Having never had the experience before I can certainly say the next time I’m in T1 ior T2 I shall be taking the time out for myself.


The ‘Express’ menu of treatments means even the most ‘time pushed’ traveller can enjoy a flawless set of nails from only £15 and the ladies mentioned that most of their customers are amazed to learn that they can treat themselves to an O.P.I. 3 Week Gel manicure which is chip resistant, super glossy and instantly dry in only 15 minutes with no risk of knocks or smudges.


Ideal for the weekend city-breakers like us or the two week beach dwellers.

Due to the friendliness of the girls, B.G, myself and the rest of the ladies almost missed our boarding call which resulted in a Home Alone-style sprint to the gate.

But while our faces may have been flushed, our manicures were flawless.

Even better, they stayed that way until my Birthday a couple of weeks later – bonus!!

IMG_3091 IMG_3086

For more information on Cloud Nails visit here

REVIEW: Tints of Nature Structure Treatment

Whenever a new ‘wonder treatment’ becomes available I’m always slightly dubious as to how well these miracle fixers perform.

I’ve been sucked in to trying numerous products on occasion and rarely have I been thrilled at the results.

So, when the new Tints of Nature Structure Treatment landed on my desk I was expecting the same but oh, there’s always going to be an exception to the rule isn’t there?


I decided to keep the treatment to one side until I had a decent cut and colour on my barnet to put it to the test afresh. As it promises to ” to give strength and suppleness to damaged hair, to renew shine and to reduce fade on coloured hair” I figured it only be fair to test it on newly coloured hair to see if the reducing fade claim was true.

So, tresses up to scratch, I powered on.

Following the instructions to spray generous amounts onto clean towel dried hair, massage thoroughly to produce lather and leave for 15 minutes, I was also pleasantly surprised as the sweet, non-chemical smell, (smelled good enough to eat – but don’t!).

Allowing myself to use the product for one month to see if there was any truth in the claims I have to say that what they’re saying is true. I’m one of the “lucky” people who have fine hair but lots of and occasionally it can lack substance. But after four weeks of using the product every week I have noticed a definite addition of “oomph” and my colour is still going strong despite being a semi-permanent affair. And, bonus, my hair is noticeably shinier – Fab!

So it appears my curse has been broken, this little baby is here to stay 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

“It is the powerful combination of natural quinoa and organic extracts in Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment that restores even extremely damaged hair providing strength, protection and volume.  Organic comfrey extract is included to condition hair and chamomile flower extract soothes and lends to its conditioning powers.
Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment is made by salon professionals, who are expert in formulating products that are kinder and healthier for the hair, so it is pH balanced to give ultimate performance on coloured hair. 
All Tints of Nature hair colour and hair care ranges are made in the heart of the New Forest using natural and organic ingredients, because they are naturally kinder to hair while offering high performance results, and without the use of harsh chemicals.

The structure treatment can be used once a week to keep the hair in good condition between colouring. This is as well as using it for a pre-colouring treatment.

The rrp for Tints of Nature’s Structure Treatment is £7.99 for 75ml

Tints of Nature is sold in over 40 countries around the world, and is available here from organic and health stores, selected department stores and independent pharmacies, or at   

Call: 01590 613490 for stockists