REVIEW: Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

If you ask me, Mondays are perfect for Champagne.

The weekend is over, you’re back at work and, in my case anyway, the Birthday celebrations are long gone.


So when a bottle of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s classic Brut non-vintage appeared on my desk as a late Birthday present there was only one way to see out my yearly milestone in style  – with a glass or two and a game of rugby league!

That’s not to say I was stood on a try line or shivering my bits off in a stand watching my favourite team, more like reviewing the weekend in front of the box while the family came round to watch the latest leg of the Rugby League World Cup.

Usually the fam will be sat with a bottle of beer, glass of wine or just a plain ole’ pop but as I bought in the glasses of Champers the night felt like a whole other occasion – perfect!

And as Nicolas Feuillatte are releasing their Brut Non-Vintage and Vintage 2002  for the festive season there was little else to set us up for Crimbo, even if we were a few months early!

The resounding review was thus; the Brut Non-Vintage smells sweeter than what you’d expect from a Champagne but d


oesn’t taste as sweet as it smells – that make sense? Usually Champagnes (p.s they’re only allowed to be called Champagnes if they hail from that particular region in France FYI – if you haven’t been to visit the Champagne houses I can thoroughly recommend it!) can be quite on the dry side but this sample was just on the right side of sweet.

It was also not as sharp as other Champagnes, somewhat  smoother and less bitter and, thank heavens, it wasn’t very gassy, the bubbles just subtly playing around in the flutes, and there was a delightful  tangy aftertaste.

So what are you waiting for?!! Cheers!


Brut Non-vintage – Available at Tesco’s, John Lewis and online at John
RRP : £26


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