REVIEW: The Watch Hut, Casio Watch

Having signed up to blogger’s network, etail PR some time ago I have been waiting for a campaign to come up that I would qualify for, and recently it happened!
I was sent a Casio watch from The Watch Hut via a campaign the network was running and though I had no idea what kind of watch was going to be delivered I was excited enough because Mr Mc RAVES about his – he was so distraught about his last one going missing that it took a few years until he could come to terms with replacing it!


Super-speedy delivery later and within a week I had my hands on this little number which came in it’s own little plastic display box.
Being somewhat of a traditionalist I have only ever bought or been given analogue watches so when I tried to set up the digital watch I was a little baffled.
A quick glance in the instruction booklet that came with the timepiece and I was away, setting the date, time, alarms and using the stopwatch.
Casio are known for their watches and this one didn’t disappoint.
The display is clear, the red colour around the face makes it stand out a little more than a bog standard, all-silver piece and as it is so light you hardly feel like you’re wearing it at all. As a journalist my days at work are spent typing and some larger watches can bang on the desk or generally get in the way but not this baby 🙂
It also helps that the the steel  strap is adjustable however I did have to enlist the help of Mr Mc to show me how to adjust it (FYI  – pop the clip open and slide it down until you are happy, who knew??)
This Casio is available online at The Watch Hut for £24.75

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