INTERVIEW: Eddie Halliewell

Eddie Halliwell

“There’s nothing like experiencing a festival with your friends and family,” says Wigan DJ, Eddie Halliwell.

And with the Creamfields festival just 30 minutes away from his home in Upholland, the 32-year-old says it is one of his favourite festivals to play.

“When you’re playing in places like Brazil you can’t experience it with friends and family because it’s so far away so festivals like Creamfields and my residencies in Ibiza are great because you have friends there every week.

“For me to be able to do what I do and have your pals come over to the clubs you’re playing it’s amazing.”

Eddie, who lives with his girlfriend Helen, has played at the dance festival, held on August Bank Holiday, for the past seven years and says he enjoys trying to mix things up year on year

“I remember when I very first started at Creamfields and we played the main arena and another arena to express two different musical sides so from that point I’ve tried to vary my set times, playing later or playing earlier,” he says,  “there have been a couple of years we’ve done a couple of special projects such as Edit so we’re always mixing it up and making it different.”

Alongside his residency with Cream in Amensia, on the White Isle, Eddie’s Summer is looking busier than ever, doing up to ten or eleven gigs throughout the season and in playing fellow DJ’s Laidback Luke’s arena at Creamfields this year, the former Radio One DJ is hoping for a completely different experience at the festival that turned into somewhat of a mudbath last year.

“Hopefully the weather doesn’t spoil things like it did last year,” says Eddie, “we were very fortunate last year because we did the Saturday and the weather was bad but it was a shame it got cancelled on the Sunday so hopefully we’ll get a good year this year. DJ, Eddie Halliwell

“Last year we had our own area – again that was fortunate because we were on a hill so we didn’t get washed out the water was running off – so we had the fire it up arena and had a selection of DJs who we wanted to play in the arena so that was fantastic and a different experience because we’d never done that before.

“As for playing LBL’s arena this year that is another experience I’ve never had so I’m looking forward to that for a change again.”

As he plays different festivals around the world from Australia to Ibiza, Eddie says it is “important to be organized” because the crowds can be so different from place to place.

“Cream has got so big now it consistently has one of the best audiences to play to.

“Cream always does a great job in booking acts and DJs that people want to see as well as acts that are quality but people haven’t necessarily heard of, they always strike a good balance.

“You go to some events and people will think too outside the box and it goes over people’s heads and other time you get promoters who every time they do something it’s a known name which can get a bit boring.

“Cream have a good balance which represent not only in the festivals but in the clubs.

“I just think as a clubber I look back at old flyers that crop up and you look at the line ups  they always but the best acts on.

“They’re always on the money with finding new acts. ”

But then again, you would say that Eddie!

Eddie Halliwell Festival

Eddie Halliwell will be appearing at the Creamfields Festival on August 25.

For tickets and info visit


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