National Vegetarian Weeks: Days Six and Seven

And on the sixth day…………….I caved *sad face*

But all was not lost.



Though I had failed spectacularly on Saturday night – M&S’ Two Dine for £10 deal was on and there was no way Mr Mc was going to EVER go for the veggie option – I was still waving my veggie flag high and wondered if there was a loophole I could get through meaning I could still get away with having vegetarian influences in my life.

So, I thought I’d try an alternative way to be veggie. 

Enter, my Green Good Fairy, Lush.

Their cosmetics are full of fresh fruit and veg and made with organic ingredients where possible so all was not lost.

AND our furry little friends are safe, because, as many of you know, the cosmetics are not tested on animals *hurrah*

So, they are 100% suitable for vegetarian155-Flying-Fox-resized 29-Angels-on-Bare-Skin-resizeds and a whopping 80% are approved by the Vegan Society.

I was sent a lovely little package consisting of the Flying Fox shower gel, Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser and the Vanishing Cream moisturiser.

Happily for me I was also sent the Ocean Salt face and body scrub that I had recently run out of so *bonus*.

As of yet I haven’t tried out the latter three but the Flying Fox shower gel is an absolute joy. The smell is quite unusual but it certainly wakes you up in the morning because the honey that is used in the gel gives it a glorious scent. Mr Mc asked me what the smell was after I’d used it and now I can’t stop him from nabbing it. Plus you can smell the scent on your skin for most of the day.

Also, it’s especially good at The Time of the Month, because Lush have added the top essential oils for calming PMT AND it doubles as a shampoo (not tried this yet) – win

Will have to let you know when I use the rest so I can give you an update 🙂

Overall, the experience of spending a week as a veggie wasn’t as hard as I had originally thought, all it takes is a little planning and imagination. I’d recommend  it if you fancy challenging yourself.


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