National Vegetarian Week: Days Four and Five

A new challenge faced me on day four.

Having had a catch-up meal with my girlfriends planned for an absolute AGE (we take a lot of organising) I felt a little bereft when I realised I would have to choose from the vegetarian side of the menu – no steak for me, no Siree.

I’m one of those people who see a steak as a bit of a treat so when I go out I like to have one, or a nice piece of fish if I’m feeling a little hefty. So when we arrived at the Revolution bar in my hometown and my dining partners one by one opted for a juicy burger or pizzas covered with large chunky pieces of chicken and Serrano ham (be still my beating heart) I looked forlornly at my spicy bean burger which, on first appearance, looked a tad dry.


Oh how wrong I was. The kidney bean base, coupled with sweet, sweet, sweet potato were a taste sensation. Not in the slightest bit dry and it disappeared a lot faster than it took to arrive *take the hint Revolution waiter man*

An added bonus was the fact that, for an indicisive creature such as myself, the two page menu was whittled down to around 11 items, making the decision making process that little bit swifter where I was concerned.

Belly full, kisses goodbye, off to bed – fabulous night all round.

By day five it appeared I was taking being a veggie in my stride, no real complaints.

But with an horrendously busy morning at work I was willing lunchtime to arrive so that I could escape to the nearby supermarket for a breather and some scran.

An equally busy afternoon lay ahead so a swift call later it was back to the office for a desk picnic.

Oh, I know why you're laughing you evil shelf stackers

Oh, I know why you’re laughing you evil shelf stackers

Quelle horreur! To my dismay the falafel flatbread I had seemingly plucked from the fridge had morphed into the Moroccan chicken version. As the pair had sat next to each other on the shelf and had similar packaging I had picked up the wrong one! There has been one and one time only that I had felt like throwing a temper tantrum at my desk – and this was it. Now all that I had to eat were cucumber sticks and an emergency punnet of dried fruit from my Graze subscription. And here I was thinking I had it together??

Being a Friday, with the added  bonus of being the one before a Bank Holiday (score!) my editor had brought in an array of cakes so all was not lost.

There are worse things you can have for lunch than cake – every cloud and all that!


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