National Vegetarian Week: Days two and three

In an attempt to broaden my repertoire further than Asda’s Pizza Vegetable Supreme, I decided to browse the internet for quick and easy recipes that may come in handy for my week on the green side and what a world I discovered – I felt like Princess Jasmine *cue magic carpet ride*

Heading over to my favourite recipe site, a search for vegetarian dishes threw up an array of wonderful dishes but the ones that 1) were quick to prepare and cook and 2) made use of whatever was in my cupboards/fridge/freezer were my immediate go-tos.

Why the rush you may (may not) think? Well, as much as I enjoy cooking, my kitten had to be at the vets on Day 2 with the appointment smack bang in the middle of the evening and I had to pick up my car from its annual MOT (hence the reason for needing to use up what I already had – my purse had been cleaned out) so I was faced with a half an hour slot to cook and eat my food.

First up, Falafel burgers.


If you’re not familiar with falafel it is basically just chickpeas whizzed up with added spices and fried – b.e.a.utiful 🙂 Apart from a mild drama with my food mixer, it was pretty straight forward to make and, dare I say, mine looked better than the pic. Ten mins to prep the recipe said, ten mins it was – winner. And despite my eagerness with the chilli (read: adding 1/2 a tablespoon instead of 1/2 a TEASPOON of chilli flakes) they still got the thumbs up all round.

If you fancy giving them a go, here is the recipe.

Day three I had a little more time for my evening meal so headed over to the National Vegetarian Week website to see what they had on offer.

Disappointingly I could only find just seven recipes – seven?! But, undeterred, I had a mooch and opted for the mushroom stroganoff.  I had mushrooms to use up 😉

Annes Mushroom Stroganoff (2)

Now, I’m one of those people that gets disappointed when your own concoctions don’t turn out like the picture in the recipe book/blog/website etc, so when this did – I was delighted (I’m that much of a saddo). Perhaps I’ve found my niche?

Though the official recipe stated to use soya single cream, you guessed it, I had creme fraiche to use up, so whacked a whole dollop of that in instead and it tasted just as good. polished off with a few more slices of garlic bread than my waistline would like, it was delicious. The only slight bugbear I would add would be that the recipe on the website said there would be enough for four people. If your family is anything like my family, you may want to add a little because the four people recipe just about stretched to three.

I reckon I’m getting quite good at this veggie malarkey.






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