National Vegetarian Week Challenge

photo2255To celebrate National Vegetarian Week – May 20-26 – I have been tasked with living a vegiefied (not, quite sure that’s a word?!) life.

Having been a carnivore for the entirety of my life (save for a week long project in secondary school), the thought of being a veggie for seven days didn’t freak me out as much as I would have thought. It did, however, highlight how much seafood I actually eat, hence, the challenge.

After piping up about National Vegetarian Week, enquiring if anything would be done in our paper for it, the powers that be on the newsdesk suggested I avoid meat and meat-based products for the week (this was not the first time my mouth had got me in trouble; the blighter always seems to go into gear before the grey matter above it).  As of Monday afternoon only a poached egg and three-bean soup with oatcakes had passed my lips so, I was good 🙂

Like any good Wiganer, I had Uncle Joe’s Mintballs (website here if you have never tasted the magic of a mintball) stashed in my top desk drawer,were they out of the question?! Quelle catastrophe. As quick mooch on the website told me I was good – no gelatin in those bad boys. *phew*



My first hurdle was thinking of what to eat before I headed out to the theatre that night. The plan to have Sunday’s leftover Shepherd’s pie out the window, by some stroke of luck I had saved half of a veggie pizza in the freezer so that would suffice, and, livened up with some jalapeños, filled the gap in my rumbling belly pefectly. 027270

So far, so green. This would be a doddle 🙂


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