REVIEW: Ice Diamond Digital Hair Straightener

I’m the kind of girl that once she finds something that she likes, she sticks with it.

Which is why when I was sent a pair of the Ice Diamond hair straighteners, I was a little dubious.

Could they live up to my beloved GHDs?

I’ve had my pair of purple, patterned, GHDs for a good few years since my OH treated me to a pair for Christmas. Now, the once glorious irons have decided  to start creaking and don’t heat up as well as they should. However pretty they look on the outside, they’re just not cutting the mustard any more.

I had never heard of Ice Diamond until I was sent their new Digital Hair Straightener.

Boxed up

Boxed up

Opening the box I found a lovely, sleek, shiny black iron – complete with diamanté insert (who doesn’t love a little bling in their life?)

Close up of the little bit of bling

Close up of the little bit of bling

The blue LCD digital display lit up as soon as the little baby was plugged in and turned on and quickly learned that the irons could be turned up from 80 degrees to as high as 230 degrees. Naturally I opted for the highest setting (sorry hair).

And off we went.

Having decided I would try out the iron on the most challenging of my hair states (washed hair the night before and left to dry overnight), I was interested to see the result and the iron glided through my hair without pulling, thanks to the titanium plates, quickly sorting out the kinks. They gave a lovely, sleek look to my hair, especially when they were used after blow-drying. I did notice that they did cause my hair to become a little static but, again, that might be down to the state my hair was in rather than anything to do with the product because it only happened on occasion.

All in all, I can’t fault the Ice Diamond

IMG_2318hair straighteners and they were much-lauded by my girl friends when they tried them out during  a girls weekend to Edinburgh. However, I’ve never been able to curl my hair with any straighteners – perhaps down to my technique more than anything – and would love to see if they give the same result as my GHDs do because they match in pretty much everything else.

The Digital Hair Straighteners are currently on offer on the Ice Diamond website for £76.49. They also have these BEAUTIFUL Swarovski encrusted babies but at £310, they’re a little out of my price range!


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