REVIEW: In love with Lush

There are some days when my job doesn’t feel like a job at all.

Monday was one of those days 🙂

On day 8 of 9 and a half I was feeling somewhat fazed, sleepy and positively grumpy but I had a ‘job’ (in the loosest sense of the word) to go on so off I trotted to the Lush store at Preston’s Fishergate Centre.

I arrived just in time for an evacuation – the centre’s entire population gathering on a nearby car park during a delightful ‘Spring’ freeze was just what the doctor ordered(!) – but the lovely Lush ladies were not to be thwarted in their quest to bring me a little bit of sunshine.


Back in the warmth of the store I was met my Heather, Danielle (who incidently has a rather fabulous blog here), Millie, Charlotte and Tracey. As I arrived I was the first person back inside after the near-dramatic fire drill but the area quickly filled up with customers including one group of schoolgirls from a local primary school who, like me, were there to be shown the inner workings of the Lush machine

Though the current weather conditions may be eager to keep us in an icy grip, we ladies are ready to Spring forward and banish the Winter woolies to the back of the wardrobe for another year

But before we get ahead of ourselves, our skin needs to be warm-weather ready.

The Lush company makes their products by hand every week and at the Preston store, I was given the opportunity to get my hands dirty.

Under the instruction of Heather Smith, who works at the store, I was provided with the ingredients to create one of Lush’s face masks; ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ (a review will be on it’s way!)
Combining blueberries, almond oil and essential oils, the mask really is food for your face.

Heather says, “The natural products really help in getting the best out of your skin.
“And as blueberries are a natural antioxidant, this particular mask is brilliant in times of emergencies when your skin breaks out.”
As I gazed at the array of pots on display, highlighted


with asparagus, lemons, garlic and even chocolate drops, it was difficult to refrain from eating the stuff – something I must remember as all of the masks need to be stored in the fridge as they’re so fresh.

Stacey Smith, showed me around the shop’s facial scrub collection, and added Spring is the perfect time to shed dull complexions.
She says, “Most of the scrubs we have in store are fine to use every day and, again, they all use natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals so are lovely on the skin and help us to get rid of the dull layers of skin and toxins that build up in the skin.”

Another top tip to banish Winter skin blues it to feed dry skin that has been battered by harsh winds and overactive central heating with attentive moisturisers.
Though there are plenty on offer, the aptly named ‘Gorgeous’ is a Lush best seller.
Stacey continues, “The formula was favoured by Princess Diana and is one of our customer’s favourites.
“Though a little more expensive than the other moisturisers we stock, this one is made using the most effective ingredients.”
If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me!
*The ladies at Lush, Preston, are on hand to provide consultations seven days a week. For further information contact 01772 555 776.


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