Happy Mother’s Day

I believe you should always show you mum how much you appreciate her but today is Mother’s Day, so an extra special effort must be made.

My mum has taught me a lot. Amongst the many nuggets of gold is how the kitchen is more than a room that comes with the house, that a sense of humour will see you through life, and that a bottle of wine should never be left full 😉


In all seriousness, my mum is a superwoman. H has held together this family in times of grief and depression (whilst battling the dreaded D word herself) and has shown me that with determination, anything is possible. This is the woman who dreams big, works every hour God sends and is always there at the end of the day to share a cup of tea/glass of wine/bucket of gin with. Nothing phases her and from her strength I have become a great believer in myself.

Happy Mother’s Day mumma H



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