REVIEW: Girls Aloud ‘Ten’ Tour

Ten years ago, five young ladies began a journey on a prime-time Saturday night audition show to become part of a brand new girl band.
That band would go on to secure the title of the UK’s biggest selling girl group of the 21st century and on the Manchester leg of their ‘Ten’ tour, they showcased their top ten hits that made them household names.
Now they are a little bit older, one has seen rehab, another been there, done the court case, got the footballer husband and the rest, well, they’ve all had their tabloid moments, but none of this seemed to dull the love from their fans.
Descending from on high, propped on a sparkly Girls Aloud pedestal, the fabulous five kicked off with their first single ‘Sound of The Underground’ – the hit that started it all – before costume changes into outfits akin to the Victoria’s Secret Angels they continued onto ‘Love Machine’ and showed off their 1920’s Charlston dance moves.
Nicola Roberts, usually the quietest band member and friend of the fashion world, had the best vocals of the night and Kimberley Walsh had clearly benefited from her time on ‘Strictly’, with a new found confidence in her dancing ability.
However, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Sarah Harding at Blackpool Tower any time soon. Though she had the chops to almost match Nicola, her dancing could be described as more than a little wooden.
As for Cheryl Cole, it appears she didn’t need to even appear on stage, as the screams for her from the audience started when her image was simply projected onto big screens either side of the stage.
Like any group of friends, each have their own strengths and personalities and it is this blend that creates the magic of GA.
But alas, the girls have announced that this tour will be their last, and, with that many hits, what a swansong to bow out on.

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